Civil Engineering

If you have a slightly creative mind and interested in Construction, Design and Planning, then Civil Engineering is the right choice for you. Civil Engineering has remained as an evergreen career opportunity provider. We Civil Engineers orchestrate the rise of marvellous concrete monuments and structures from mere sketches. We create tangible physical structures such as roads, dams, and even towering skyscrapers that dot the skyline of the 21st century modern cities. We address issues of sustainability by designing basic components of the built environment; energy, water supply and waste treatment. This discipline spans over five areas of specialization namely Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering.


Civil Engineering

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers are in great demand in various fields. Some of them are: cost effective construction which is gaining importance to reach a much wider spectrum of society, development of advanced building materials using Nano-technology to improve sustainability within the Green World, Remote Sensing and GIS that forms the backbone for natural resources management, intelligent transport systems that form our main communication links in urban India and disaster management that is mandatory in response to man-made and natural hazards.

Course Overview

SUBAS’s Department of Civil Engineering is driven by experienced and research oriented faculty members who motivate the students to pursue their ambitions and interests. Some of the various organizations that look out for our endowed young aspirants are L & T, Gammon India, Tata Consultancy Engineers, AFCONS Infrastructures, ACC Cements, and Governmental Organizations like ISRO, DRDO. Civil Engineers also have promising careers in different architectural and interior designing organisations, where they can showcase their creativity. Many excellent job opportunities for Civil Engineers are available in the Middle East countries as well.

  • Simply enroll in the individual courses that are part of this program. When you successfully complete all required courses you will be able to download your program certificate here.

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Civil engineers conceive, design, build, supervise and maintain infrastructure projects such as public and private utility buildings, roads and bridges, water supply and sewage treatment etc

  • Creativity: This profession is such that it demands the engineers to be efficient in construction abilities, including electrical, plumbing and any other functional work as well. Engineers are fortunate to combine their technical and aesthetic knowledge to create new infrastructures.

  • High Earning Potential: With the increase in developments around the world, the need for creating new infrastructures is always going to exist. Thus, it makes this profession very demanding and offers a stable earning opportunity to the candidates.

  • Importance and reputed work: The civil engineering job is well-reputed and highly important. As these professionals help in community development, this field of work is considered very important. Civil engineers are the central figures in building a sustainable society.

Civil Engineering course syllabus Year 1st

Civil Engineering course syllabus Year 2nd